I had the idea of becoming an entrepreneur from a decade ago(don’t do the math, I’m a mature student). I also have the privilege of being able to channel different ideas quickly, so because I am passionate about technologies and their day to day application had an idea years ago to create an operating system idea(on paper for now). It stemmed from Microsoft’ announcement that Windows XP will be discontinued then its support ended in 2014. I said ‘’I want my own Windows!’’ and maybe I will call my software Door OS, as ‘’No viruses allowed here’’ would be too long….

I chose Solent University a year before joining on campus September 2019, and enrolled in Marketing and Advertising but ended up not liking it. I switched to PR because I was already repping for a fanpage called,  from that position I was reporting to Emma Watson’s then publicist Luke Windsor. One time I reported Ebay listings, emailed Luke and three days later they changed their user policies which I found funny. I called it teamwork, I like to think we did it.

I find the PR course to be a lot more lively and interesting than Marketing with Advertising. The fact that the university works on ensuring that students are ready for the future makes me question if more universities do the same? Of course, if they realized the future is in the action they take now. We’re learning how to plan and manage PR campaigns, developing skills and working with live clients which is exciting, so exciting it makes me use too many exclamation signs when writing emails to my client(I bet you have a similar Jane on your team).

Ekaterina Bolovtsova for

Then, before coming to university I began practicing energy healing and mindset coaching on a small scale. I’m a person who handled her own traumas and still working through limiting beliefs daily, reprogramming my mind for success regularly. So the challenges of being a student and entrepreneur working on a start-up are multiple. For example, I’m aware I need systems in place to create the foundation of a sustainable business for the long term, and I am learning how a virtual assistant will help me run my business, then multiple businesses.

I am stunned at my own work ethic sometimes, balancing assignments with my own work, often staying up to 2 am because I had ‘’that cool idea’’. Another challenge is to remind myself to get up and move, to drink H20 and take frequent breaks, that helped me stay balanced between projects. I need music to make my brain dance. Music keeps my brain cells happy which then makes everything function. Another challenge was to recover from my own albeit mild depression(don’t expect a coach to have it all together, that person doesn’t exist). I like to think I’m out of it now and started to build a support system that I never had before.

Mental health is a huge thing, and balance looks like thin ice when doing multiple things what keeps me together is that finally my tribe is coming together. I don’t have anyone in my family to talk to when something comes up and weighs me down. If you have something on your shoulders don’t be afraid to seek support in an online friend. They can be a lifeline.

I would love to know what challenges you had as a student and running a business or a mental health issue, leave a comment!


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