A day after International Women’s Day, Kim Kardashian decided to put women on blast by telling them to get up and get to work, in an interview for Variety. Her sister chimed in and agreed with her, ‘’so true’’. What is so true(in a valley girl accent) is that academics work so hard and deserve a raise and still worry about paying their heating bill, and will never be millionaires, like my lecturers, the librarian of my faculty.

The whole family was wealthy to begin with, with the internet saying she received a car for her 16th birthday, because don’t we all!? No Kim, we don’t. Women in business do get up and work, across all industries, if they didn’t – them/we being half of the population, I reckon the world would stop spinning. What is worse about this case is that stories of people who worked for them and were underpaid. Women really can’t afford not to work or live in a toxic environment, yet Jenner Communications had/has unpaid job listings(misamandary).

If I have to pick one pet peeve it would be unpaid work, be it part time or full time, across all industries, even if underpaying is just as bad in my eyes. They shouldn’t exist, particularly wealthy companies/people who have the resources to pay should not expect free work – no that qualifies as modern slavery made legal’’ and the users who commented the same. Like how can someone be available 9:30am to 6pm and still be a student? Isn’t that full time work labeled part time?

Me all dolled up writing my dissertation. Moose Photos from @pexels

We don’t need celebrities, stars, reality tv stars, starlets, public figures to preach to the world about work ethics particularly when everybody knows they have nannies, chefs, drivers, unpaid interns etc. The role of the reality tv stars, celebrities, public figures is to put a smile on our faces, make us laugh, inspire and motivate us and that is it! That’s why it’s called the ‘’entertainment industry’’. But nobody expects reality tv to actually be real, I don’t know about others, but I know it’s staged/scripted/filtered.

I don’t mind they get this amount of coverage, the Kardashian-Jenners, but what I’m bothered by is that they use Marketing and PR to promote something that is not real. Weight loss teas don’t help at all, and I never seen any information on them working with nutritionists before promoting such products, I doubt they ever consulted with someone. I wish more people would look beyond plastic surgeries, fillers, and instagram filters and research to get the truth, in the digital era. Yet in the digital era, there’s few of us who still research and read, like the effects of weight loss teas. Keep working, Kim! I’ll be on my dissertation!


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