Famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud thought the human mind has three layers of awareness: preconscious, conscious and unconscious who influence our behavior; whereas Carl Jung discussed the mind having an ego(Jung’s conscious mind), personal unconscious and collective unconscious. They were contemporaries and argued on the differences which made them break their collaboration and friendship.

A lot of people confuse the unconscious and the subconscious(Freud’s preconscious), even in the coaching industry, particularly coaches who help their clients identify money blocks. These two though, have differences between them.

The psychological unconscious is all about the part of the mind which humans have least awareness of and difficult to access, as opposed to the subconscious mind. Also, the unconscious handles repressed memories (especially traumatic ones), information we forgot, personal memories (Jung’s personal unconscious), shameful experiences, fears.

Ashley Batz for Unsplash
Ashley Batz for Unsplash

A connection can be made between Carl Jung’s collective unconscious theory which contains ancestral memories/information which he believed connected all humans, with the Hofstede model, which wanted to show the cultural differences between self, personality and identity(ego), all three having an influence on the development of cultural values(Mooij and Hofstede 2010).

Yet, the subconscious, as we know it, differs from the layers of the unconscious, because it is influenced by the conscious mind, storing the information the conscious may need later, and is a bridge between itself and the conscious.

It is the layer of the human mind coaches say it can be reprogrammed for success through autosugestion or affirming robotically which then creates new neural pathways. Creating new neural pathways doesn’t happen after a day of affirming that you’re a money magnet, it requires at least 21 days.

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