What kind of person are you: a. The kind that has goals for the year to accomplish, b. No goals, no worries? I established three goals to attain in 2022 because I am a firm believer that goals help you stay on track of your development. Setting too many will jeaopardize them all because your mind will try to go in all directions.

What’s new? I watched the #ReturntoHogwarts reunion and I wasn’t too excited about it to begin with due to all stuff the author of the series keeps writing on Twitter, which she should be banned from anyway. Watched it and instantly loved the aethetics! The editing of it all was fabulous, just like the venue and the dancers. Then here comes the Emma/Tom narative to make all Dramione dreams come true(aka all those fanfictions about Draco and Hermione).

Inga Seliverstova/PEXELS.

I was not feeling it though, felt it was cheesy for such a big event, and there was no hug between Emma and Dan(all internet complained about it). Robbie Coltrane pulled my heartstrings with his comment on the legacy of Harry Potter, that when he won’ be here anymore, Hagrid will, (to welcome new fans to the series)…..I am saddened for Julie Walter’s absence from the reunion. I thought it was too faced paced, how cool it might have been to have the body doubles and stunt doubles of Harry, Hermione there all together with the main cast. It would have been all too awesome.

Then back to our regular programming, solar storms, climate change, influencers resumed ’’work’’, people who say we are doomed because planet Nibiru is coming and all that,….well excuse me while I pour myself some wine(I’m 32 so I can drink). I have to excuse myself from consuming all that not because it isn’t funny but because I have a dissertation to write and have to keep Richard entertained with blogs, you know, the important matters.

It was submission day today for my Ethics essay so I’m mentally tired, that’s all you get, two thoughts and a glass of water instead of wine coz it’s 9pm(which is a very ethical thing to do). Let’s have a fabulous year, where we survive semester 2, finish a dissertation and drink wine!


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