The beauty about the internet

The internet is a huge influence. Way back when I was in fifth grade computers and peripherals were bulky and slow, google was a baby to now, it is quite a different world in all aspects. If forty years ago people could not find a lot of information about where they wanted to travel, relying on what they were told by family and tour operators/travel agents – now we have the luxury of a privilege of searching on our own, wonderful destinations from our bucket lists being readily available in a few clicks. How easy is it now to book a flight? Extremely easy.

I ran a search on and skyscanner and found my flight to Southampton in a minute. Booked it in another minute and there were plenty of options for luggage, hotel stays, car hires and so on. All this changed our decision-making process by a long shot! My flight from Bucharest to Denmark marked my first flight and I was excited like a kid! I told myself I better travel more because boy this is great! From Denmark I flew to Manchester, then made my way to Southampton. Flybe’s plane was so small I felt like I was offered a private plane, It was lovely.

Me, you and anyone can book a holiday quite easily, without having to explain to someone else what you want, what you don’t want, your budget and your stay. No one else will pick your hotel room – you can view all available hotel rooms on their website, and make a quick reservation. You could even email them about certain details that interest you about the room, set up a surprise for a spouse or child months ahead and pretty much do what you like.

The beauty about the internet is that it helps us reduce the decision-making process, from recognizing the need to information search to evaluating my options to then purchasing my holiday and all this in under an hour thanks to google. But this isn’t a love letter to google (it is the month of love though). I am grateful for living in this digital era and how I am a part of it.

For some, the amount of information that is available to them in only a few clicks is way too much and get easily overwhelmed, gotta say I know the feeling of that. That is why it is best to make clear on what you want, where you want to travel to, budget, how long will you stay and begin searching for flights and hotels in an area you’d be comfortable in. Even if it’s still overwhelming ask a friend or family member to assist, it’s only fair!

The beauty of the internet is that everything is figureoutable, take it easy and enjoy it! Take some photos from your trip and show us on Instagram. My dream destination is Fiji Islands, it’s an archipelago of more than 300 islands so I am sure I’ll find one island to roam free on and lounge. Here’s my favorite photo taken somewhere in Fiji.  What’s your favorite destination? Share a photo that inspires you from there.

Thank you for reading, see you next week!

Targeting consumers

The area of study that studies how consumers choose and use products, the motivation behind their choices – is called Consumer Behaviour.

Companies and marketers want to know what influences consumers, how are they influenced by emotions, family, and how they respond and interact with ads online. Most of us use an Ad Block because we are bombarded with ads daily (a few years ago there weren’t so many) and as a result companies smarten up about it.

Take a look at newspapers which asks viewers to turn off their Ad Blocks in order to stay on page or continue to read the desired content; oftentimes they even show you a list of ad blocking apps and show how to turn the one you have off. Others, like Facebook, changed how they publish content and switched algorithms so that the sponsored content is shown even if an Ad Block is installed on a particular device.

I, for one, receive ads featuring shoes, jewellery (girly I know), and eco-friendly, conscious, handmade, vegan beauty and skincare type of products because they noticed that this is the content I am most responsive and interactive with. I’m sure these brands – assisted by Facebook insights, saw that I click on the ads containing products like the above then go to the brand page, like it, interacting with other posts relating to what I was interested in.

I have started making more eco conscious choices as we are literally drowning in plastic, in nature or supermarkets. I have purchased wet wipes and nasal tissues made from bamboo from a brand called The Cheeky Panda (UK based) from Amazon, just this past weekend. The benefits of using such products are endless, for us and for the planet as well.

Users have posted examples of conversations where they’ve spoken over the phone’s microphone about cat food and they’ve had cat food in ads on Facebook a few hours later. I don’t have Facebook on my phone for that reason and I didn’t have that happen on the laptop either. A similar thing happens with how they suggest connections on the same platform.

My question to you is, how do you interact and respond with ads online? What are you searching for and have you seen yourself targeted with a certain type of ads? If yes, what were they? Recognize the patterns and let me know, I’d love to have your feedback!

Thank you for reading, see you next time!