Some of us are interested who works with who, specifically the teams behind a public figure’s on-going rise and successes. One such star on my radar has been ADELE. Her publicist seems to be the same one she’s had at Columbia Records: Benny Tarantini, according to The Hollywood Reporter back in 2013. He oversaw the publicity department at Columbia, and in two years Adele sold 10 million copies of her album 21 which a quite a feat. With such results, I believe that he’s still part of the team now.

Clearly Adele’s team is on fire because her album became the year’s fastest selling album, and surpassed Taylor Swift. Money moves? Adele had her new album ‘’30’’ launched 19th of  November. To prepare for the USA launch, they snagged an interview with Oprah Winfrey for CBS packaged with star-studded concert at the Griffith Observatory – which was impressive to say the least, apart from scheduled interviews with journalists(the best one). For the UK, Adele executive produced a show for ITV, taped at the London Palladium, where she invited the firefighters who helped put out the fire at the Grenfell Tower, as well as the survivors.

The UK show has made the internet rounds, mostly because of the two Emmas present: Watson and Thompson(so we can also call it a Beauty and the Beast reunion), both who passionately danced and sang throughout the show, to the delight of the viewers. I received a clip of the fabulousness from my teammate, then stayed up to 2am to watch the whole show. Adele knows how to make a show allright, in case you haven’t watched, well – WHAT ARE YOU ON!? Second, Emma Thompson brought Adele’s former English teacher till 8th grade, Ms. McDonald to the stage(who was there with her kids), much to the surprise of Adele who got teary-eyed. Then she wanted a ‘’makeup break’’ and called Alan Carr to the stage to entertain while she gets a minute – again the delight of the whole internet and viewers.

In other news, Lady Gaga got Tony Bennett to sing one more time, as the artist was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease which progressed a lot. The album, titled ‘‘LOVE FOR SALE’’, which is a ‘’de-lovely’’ jazz album infused with swag and a tribute to Cole Porter. The album received its recognition being nominated at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards, which It has to win. Christopher Wallace wrote on ‘’I’ve got you under my skin‘’ music video: ‘’Gaga is one in a million, my little sister told me the other day that she was starting to listen to some jazz because she heard Gaga and Tony.’’ Considering the TikTok plethora of absurd challenges and harmful trends this platform brings out I think it’s a success to make people feel the jazz, a reminder that there is quality music out there still.

Kylie Minogue decided to move Down Under(back home to Australia) which I don’t agree with at all, not happy. She recorded a song with Jessie Ware called ‘’KISS OF LIFE’’ which is so fun to listen to, and the video is double the fun to watch. Equally, her music video with Olly Alexander and Years&Years called ‘’A second to midnight’’ is ear pleasing. Fun fact, I am Kylie’s gift because I was born on her birthday! Both me and Kylie were born on Thomas Moore’s birthday. Were you born on your favorite’s artist’s birthday?


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