Few things set the world on fire and united everyone for a cause quite like Black Lives Matter. It gave the movement a lot of fuel and visibility after the world saw how George Floyd was killed by an officer who knelt on his neck and then we found out about Breonna Taylor’s house raid which killed her.

Such an event was #FreeBritney. If you don’t know Britney Spears has spent her last 14 years in a conservatorship. A conservatorship is usually seen as a last resort for the elderly, people who have ailments like Dementia or Alzheimer’s, who cannot care for themselves, not being able to run basic daily tasks. Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan are just two of the most famous cases among conservatorships.

Britney’s case caught on fire because of a podcast called Britney’s Gram, featured a voicemail from a paralegal who worked on her case who heard their latest episode, who told them that Britney refused to take her prescribed medication during rehearsals for the Domination tour, which her father then canceled. Her team set themselves up, and created companies off of Britney’s back, examples being TriStar Entertainment founded by Louise M Taylor, the alleged mastermind of the conservatorship and CrowdSurf, the company who managed Britney’s social media and to several other celebrities, like Backstreet Boys.

Fast forward to when her lawyer, Samuel D. Ingham III resigned and she got the right to choose a lawyer to better represent her, former federal prosecutor Mathew Rosengart back in July 2021. Since then, it took ‘’Rosendaddy’’ as fans started to nickname him, around 5 more months to get the judge to terminate the conservatorship on 11/12/2021. It was a hugely celebrated day, but it really was thanks to her fans who reviewed and analyzed each court document and shared insight online, organized protests etc. That’s what one can accomplish with proper support. Fans updated the hashtag to #FreedBritney, who said on Instagram that it was her ‘’best day ever’’.

Another event that heated optic fibers around the world has been Astroworld Festival. It ran between 5-6 November, which is organized by rapper Travis Scott in Houston Texas. This year’s one has been a tad different, because the crowd – a staggering 50,000 – ‘’ surged toward a stage and were crushed against each other’’ (CNN, 2021). The death toll rose to 10, after a 9 year old child died in hospital.

Attendees reported to CNN that they ‘’started screaming for help … I felt so scared, like I was going to die.”(Emily Munguia) while Amper realized ‘’that people were dying’’. So, this wasn’t a regular festival, one that came after a long lockdown which WeForum called ‘’the largest psychological experiment ever’’. That pent up excitement to attend a live concert led to this.

People were seen in various clips posted online climbing the stage and screaming for help, that people are dying. It is clear that the event organisers have done an extremely poor job, considering the festival’s history, where in 2019 people were trampled in the rush of others to get into the festival, so it could have been avoided. Many suffered internal bleeding, spinal injuries and more.

The worse part for me has been finding out that Travis Scott teamed up with Better Help to offer a free month therapy for the attendees. A month free won’t solve trauma. Better Help is known to have sold data to 3rd parties like Facebook/Meta. To date, there are 177 lawsuits filed against Travis Scott, Drake, Live Nation and others, with one rising to $2 billion, and another of $750 million. Travis Scott stayed in his mansion to avoid facing the public, presumably the advice of his legal team.


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What is COP26 and who attends it? COP stands for ‘’Conference of the Parties’’ or countries where 26 marks the 26th year the parties or countries meet up, this year in Glasgow, Scotland. It ran between 12/10/2021 and 12/11/2021, so it just wrapped.

This year’s COP had almost 40,000 delegates registered, suggesting it was the biggest COP to date. Brazil had 479 delegates, just a few delegates shy from 566 they had at COP15. In a press release, Global Witness reported that 503 fossil fuel lobbyists ‘’affiliated with some of the world’s biggest polluting oil and gas giants, have been granted access to COP26, flooding the Glasgow conference with corporate influence’’, but I never heard of Fossil Fuel country before. Good thing Elon will fly us to Mars.

It’s always been a gender disproportionate event too, in a chart made by Joe Goodman we can see COP26 shifted to having 65% males and 35% females. Republic of Moldova had most females on their team (89%), and the UK was one of 8 delegations to maintain a 50-50 balance. As a Romanian, to my surprise, saw that Romania had 33 males with 16 females(67% – 33%). Why so many men? I guess they didn’t want to stay home, they were exhausted from the many lockdowns and restrictions, and their gov duties piled up, can’t relate.

The COP26 menu was equally legendary! Did you think they’d hold such an big event without food?! It contained several categories: Fish and chips, Pasta, Pastries(you can’t have negotiations without these), Pizza, Scottish larder, International larder, Wraps and baguettes. Being that the host was traditionally Scottish half of the meals contained meat, as reported by Sarah Wilson for The Big Issue. Where’s the recipe for change If those meals which contain meat have the highest carbon footprint? But at least they were sourced locally.

In the Scottish Larder category, they had ‘’Haggis, Neeps & Tattis’’ cost 6.5 GBP and used 3.4kg of carbon, its vegetarian option only 0.6kg of carbon. Only two thirds of the menu options used below 0.5kg of carbon. The menus were measured by Swedish start-up Klimato to help delegates ‘’choose the dishes with the lowest carbon footprint”. Who thought this was a good idea? The menu didn’t remain anonymous for too long, it trended on Twitter with the line “It’s like serving cigarettes at a lung cancer conference’’ made by Joel Scott-Halkes, who is a spokesperson for Animal Rebellion. So the COP was just talks and carbon-heavy food.

This year’s COP caught my attention not only because I’m a PR student who intended to write about it, also because one of my favorites Emma Watson was invited by The New York Times to host a session for their Climate Hub. This session’s panel was composed by 9 young activists aged between 18-24(Watson, 2021). I was shocked how fiercely dedicated and eloquent they are about the issues they stand for. Much to my dismay, Tori Tsui and Dominique Palmer reported racism at the COP without naming anyone, and Mya-Rose Craig shared on Twitter: ’’That is why @COP26 was doomed’’ and called for a Revolution.

Her mother, Helena Craig, shared with me via Twitter private message the many challenges Mya-Rose faced, not only at COP. It often meant dealing with being deliberately overlooked by local media ’’unless they benefitted’’, the NGOs she volunteered for didn’t even ask her what she was doing at COP, instead taking white school boys.

Greenpeace did not respond to Mya-Rose’s request to receive a blue zone pass despite being an Oceans Ambassador, Helena recounted that journalists decided they were in the blue zone at the COP, chose other people there and dropped her from tv interviews. This was too much to deal with so Mya-Rose decided to leave COP like several other young activists including Dominique Palmer.

Dominique Palmer also reported on the regress UK made post-COP: rejected to join BOGA (Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance), ‘’new Cambo oil and gas field, 40 new fossil fuel extraction projects in the pipeline, not accepting loss and damages as their historic debt to these countries and paying their share’’, so if UK did this, Romania can only follow suit. I can see how COP26 was just talks, carbon-heavy food and filled with racism.

The fossil fuel companies who attended COP26 are often well represented. Take Edelman, who represents Exxon Mobil, who reportedly had private talks with activists to drop their fossil fuel client, because as Aurora James stated in an Instagram post: ’’They often invite people like us to join sustainability campaignson hehalf of their clients’’ and that those private conversations ’’led nowhere’’ so Aurora and over 100+ designers, models and activists made their message to Edelman public. Them and the rest of companies who are responsible for 71% of all global emissions, so it’s getting rather slippery in Fossil Fuel country.


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