My work now as a student in year 3 is divided in 3: the final major project(dissertation), a PR campaign for the Solent Business School and a report for International Marketing.

The dissertation. I am glad I helped my self in year 2 when I picked several topics and o they were ready to go in year 3, semester 1 when I was deeply clueless(oh so relatable?). My chosen topic is modern slavery and how Public Affairs can help lobby and pressurize governmental bodies to improve and toughen laws to eradicate it. Yeah, I chose level ‘’tough one, mate’’, but it’s interesting from an ethical and human rights perspective. For this research, I had to test interest and was surprised that Public Affairs professionals were willing to help me out. I will soon take part in the FMP survey internet flood Storm Eunice style, I’m preparing it for now*:P

PR campaign. Our brief is Help To Grow: Management and our client is Solent Business School. This one was a novelty for me because we got to meet our client via Microsoft Teams since me and a colleague are off-campus and came face to face with their needs and wants related to the campaign. Anne Gregory would be happy to know that out of her 10 step planning model the most useful were her book(Planning and Managing Public Relations Campaigns – A strategic approach) and the ‘’Review’’ step which the Wilson Model by Robert L. Heath didn’t have. Why wait and the end of the campaign to see that objectives could have been changed? That is why feedback is gold.

Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels

International Marketing. We are asked to choose a company and a product to penetrate a new market(a country), then come up with a strategy, objectives, tactics, the whole lot as if we are working on that project live. I chose Disney with Disney+ streaming service because Disney was familiar to me from the Ethics essay I wrote on them and my opportunity is that they aren’t available in Romania. Out of the several lectures and seminars we had, I enjoyed the one on Globalization the most. Our professor Martin Senior, does quizzes at the end of the slides and the Globalization lecture had the most interesting quiz. It was fun to do as an off-campus student. You know when some professors are worth their weight in gold, right?

Personal life. I’m eyeing all those PR courses once I get my degree. I know I want to do a master in PR as well. I know I want to always be the best I can be. I’m always doing trainings for my own holistic business and the training I’m doing now are focused on how to sell on social media and oh, boy it’s an eye opener! I wonder what present PR professionals loved when they were in university, what modules they loved, their first job in the industry, who gave them their first break, their proudest moments, that would be so much fun, a great idea for an online event. Learning about the people behind the profession is what I am aiming for.