Dragobete day is celebrated in Romania as Lovers Day, and it symbolizes the beginning of Spring. Yes, it’s the Romanian equivalent to Valentine’s Day but has deeper, older meanings. It is connected to old Romanian traditions inherited from our ancestors – the Dacians, and nature. It’s also the day Putin decided to invade Ukraine, at 5:00am EET.

I was a 6 month old baby when the coup d’etat in December 1989(which they like to call Revolution instead) took Romanians by surprise. As a millennial, I thought that I haven’t seen many wars but it’s because we didn’t have a huge media influence, my father listened to the news on Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty through his days in the army in 1980 and at home until 1989, because tv programming was only occupied by communist propaganda. We didn’t have the technologies, upgraded satellites, social media like nowadays…Lots of other conflicts in our area(Kosovo) made the news but life carried on.

Political mishaps always happened throughout history because men took the lead instead of women, I don’t see men accepting or following the advice from qualified women, especially in high matters like the military and politics. Do you see women leading armies anywhere nowadays? It was always a matter of who’s got the biggest muscle, the biggest flex which always led to worse situations with men ever the experts. War was always about personal and political interests of men in charge, never about us as societies. Thirst for power will never be quenched.

Katie Godowski from Pexels

The Ukrainian president wanted his country included in NATO then the European Union, when it doesn’t work like that. To enter NATO, my father told me Ukraine would have to sign treaties with his neighboring countries and all neighbors have to have peace between them to avoid NATO embarrassment in case of war. Then the EU would accept them, but they aren’t at peace with Russia. A trade agreement with the EU isn’t the same with a full membership either so President Zelenskiy now struggles to do what his predecessors didn’t.

President Putin’s invasion of Ukraine made more sense seeing a list of resources they have which made them a valuable target and how dare they want NATO or EU membership! In recent days, Anonymous who is a collective of hackers, declared cyberwar on Russia and took down government websites,  intercepted military communications as well as tv stations, as reported on by The Guardian. I wonder what will happen next if the situation will escalate further, especially with Russian currency headed into the ground. What will happen to Russian civilians? Imagine trying to buy groceries now in Russia.

The Romanian government ignored, but I have never noticed more solidarity than now, from companies, NGOs and associations, who gathered medical and domestic supplies, civilians even organized shelter for mothers and their children who fled the grenades and smoke. Happy to see UK’s mobile service carriers stepping up, from BT who offered free mobile and landline calls to and from Ukraine, then Ireland waived visa fees for those who want to join their families in UK. I just hope we will strengthen unity and connection without needing war to force us. But a war so close to my home is still a growing worry. I hope everything will turn out allright for everyone involved.



My work now as a student in year 3 is divided in 3: the final major project(dissertation), a PR campaign for the Solent Business School and a report for International Marketing.

The dissertation. I am glad I helped my self in year 2 when I picked several topics and o they were ready to go in year 3, semester 1 when I was deeply clueless(oh so relatable?). My chosen topic is modern slavery and how Public Affairs can help lobby and pressurize governmental bodies to improve and toughen laws to eradicate it. Yeah, I chose level ‘’tough one, mate’’, but it’s interesting from an ethical and human rights perspective. For this research, I had to test interest and was surprised that Public Affairs professionals were willing to help me out. I will soon take part in the FMP survey internet flood Storm Eunice style, I’m preparing it for now*:P

PR campaign. Our brief is Help To Grow: Management and our client is Solent Business School. This one was a novelty for me because we got to meet our client via Microsoft Teams since me and a colleague are off-campus and came face to face with their needs and wants related to the campaign. Anne Gregory would be happy to know that out of her 10 step planning model the most useful were her book(Planning and Managing Public Relations Campaigns – A strategic approach) and the ‘’Review’’ step which the Wilson Model by Robert L. Heath didn’t have. Why wait and the end of the campaign to see that objectives could have been changed? That is why feedback is gold.

Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels

International Marketing. We are asked to choose a company and a product to penetrate a new market(a country), then come up with a strategy, objectives, tactics, the whole lot as if we are working on that project live. I chose Disney with Disney+ streaming service because Disney was familiar to me from the Ethics essay I wrote on them and my opportunity is that they aren’t available in Romania. Out of the several lectures and seminars we had, I enjoyed the one on Globalization the most. Our professor Martin Senior, does quizzes at the end of the slides and the Globalization lecture had the most interesting quiz. It was fun to do as an off-campus student. You know when some professors are worth their weight in gold, right?

Personal life. I’m eyeing all those PR courses once I get my degree. I know I want to do a master in PR as well. I know I want to always be the best I can be. I’m always doing trainings for my own holistic business and the training I’m doing now are focused on how to sell on social media and oh, boy it’s an eye opener! I wonder what present PR professionals loved when they were in university, what modules they loved, their first job in the industry, who gave them their first break, their proudest moments, that would be so much fun, a great idea for an online event. Learning about the people behind the profession is what I am aiming for.


I had the idea of becoming an entrepreneur from a decade ago(don’t do the math, I’m a mature student). I also have the privilege of being able to channel different ideas quickly, so because I am passionate about technologies and their day to day application had an idea years ago to create an operating system idea(on paper for now). It stemmed from Microsoft’ announcement that Windows XP will be discontinued then its support ended in 2014. I said ‘’I want my own Windows!’’ and maybe I will call my software Door OS, as ‘’No viruses allowed here’’ would be too long….

I chose Solent University a year before joining on campus September 2019, and enrolled in Marketing and Advertising but ended up not liking it. I switched to PR because I was already repping for a fanpage called emma-watson.net,  from that position I was reporting to Emma Watson’s then publicist Luke Windsor. One time I reported Ebay listings, emailed Luke and three days later they changed their user policies which I found funny. I called it teamwork, I like to think we did it.

I find the PR course to be a lot more lively and interesting than Marketing with Advertising. The fact that the university works on ensuring that students are ready for the future makes me question if more universities do the same? Of course, if they realized the future is in the action they take now. We’re learning how to plan and manage PR campaigns, developing skills and working with live clients which is exciting, so exciting it makes me use too many exclamation signs when writing emails to my client(I bet you have a similar Jane on your team).

Ekaterina Bolovtsova for Pexels.com

Then, before coming to university I began practicing energy healing and mindset coaching on a small scale. I’m a person who handled her own traumas and still working through limiting beliefs daily, reprogramming my mind for success regularly. So the challenges of being a student and entrepreneur working on a start-up are multiple. For example, I’m aware I need systems in place to create the foundation of a sustainable business for the long term, and I am learning how a virtual assistant will help me run my business, then multiple businesses.

I am stunned at my own work ethic sometimes, balancing assignments with my own work, often staying up to 2 am because I had ‘’that cool idea’’. Another challenge is to remind myself to get up and move, to drink H20 and take frequent breaks, that helped me stay balanced between projects. I need music to make my brain dance. Music keeps my brain cells happy which then makes everything function. Another challenge was to recover from my own albeit mild depression(don’t expect a coach to have it all together, that person doesn’t exist). I like to think I’m out of it now and started to build a support system that I never had before.

Mental health is a huge thing, and balance looks like thin ice when doing multiple things what keeps me together is that finally my tribe is coming together. I don’t have anyone in my family to talk to when something comes up and weighs me down. If you have something on your shoulders don’t be afraid to seek support in an online friend. They can be a lifeline.

I would love to know what challenges you had as a student and running a business or a mental health issue, leave a comment!


I remember my professor Lynsey Watt sat down with me in first year of University, a short discussion meant for her to get to know me, in which I told her of my learning disability(acalculia) which affects the way I process numbers, makes it difficult to remember my own phone number. It was always a source of shame, guilt, embarrassment, when I only wanted to be able to function just like everyone else. I had several breakdowns because of assignments which included creating graphs and budget sheets(which I did conquer, insert smiley face here).

Nope, I’m neurodivergent! Lynsey had never heard of it before which I didn’t mind, it was new to me as well. School psychologists don’t know, but they are the ones who should. Once I discovered it all past shame, guilt, embarrassment was gone and I owned that I was thinking differently. I know I am not defined by my grades(of which I am proud) nor do I care whether I graduate with a First or not. I work smart and hard anyway.

Hence I spend a lot of my Twitter time on @emmawatsonnet which I help run in my spare time between University projects, I came across a post from Dr. Frances Ryan, columnist and journalist @TheGuardian. She posted a headline which said: ‘’Children with learning disabilities offered ‘do not resuscitate’ orders during the pandemic, investigation finds.’’(The Telegraph). Coincidence or not, Lynsey, me and 2 of my colleagues briefly discussed disabilities, where Lynsey reminisced her friend saying ‘’the body is disabled but the mind is functioning well’’, which I agreed with, knowing I worked hard even through depression.

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

I also mentioned COP26 which happened in Scotland last year, which famously lacked access for the disabled, specifically Karine Elharrar(Israeli minister) couldn’t attend a meeting ‘’because it was not wheelchair accessible.’’(BBC, 2021). Shocking that the Israeli delegation was blamed for not having communicated her needs(when it falls on the event organizer to make all arrangements). It should have been there already, by ‘’default’’.

But circling back to Dr. Frances Ryan, who expressed her shock of this practice: ‘’This scandal of unequal treatment has been happening right from the start of the pandemic – and long before.’’ Mencap, a UK-based charity, reported people with learning disabilities were told they wouldn’t be resuscitated ‘’if their health deteriorated’’(The Hill, 2021). User ‘’Callduron Vorn’’ replied to Dr. Frances highlighting the need for proper representation, as there are 14.1m. disabled people in the UK(20.6%), but only 5 disabled MPs(0.77%), numbers backed up by Scope which cited the Family Resources Survey (2019 to 20).

I call ‘’Do not resuscitate’’ orders for us people with learning disabilities absurd. People with learning disabilities can still express themselves, on the care they need, we should still receive care despite learning disabilities. Doctors can explain medical terms just fine to anyone, with or without learning disabilities, it’s my right to ask questions on what I may not understand, be it a prescription or procedure. Tell me I can’t even ask because I have a learning disability! Seriously, just how many lives could have been saved without this order? We probably will never know. So what is the point of the Hippocratic Oath then?


Paul Morgan-Bentley went undercover for The Times to work for the biggest delivery company in the UK – Hermes ‘’which delivers online orders for retailers including John Lewis, Marks & Spencer and Next, amid a surge in complaints about packages being late, damaged or lost’’.

For some couriers it wasn’t clear what not to do on the day job clearly, especially with smartphones around, some missed the memo on how to handle parcels on their first day. The Times posted a video showing couriers going off on the parcels, throwing them around, and after I scrolled to marvel at the whole post, I wanted to have a look at the comments, because that’s where the juice is.

Several users wrote in their own experiences with the company and showed photos of their parcels, or their broken wine glasses. Even after showing the broken glasses there had to be someone to comment that ‘’Your items were improperly packaged.’’. My issue with that is, if I order from anywhere they already know how to package and label their product to land to my house safely so the comment is insensitive to the situation of others.

Clearly, the problem is Hermes(who by some search online is not affiliated with the luxury brand Hermes we know of). I have been blessed to have amazing couriers who know me by first name and greet each other every time we meet. Is it really frustration to work overtime unpaid?

Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

It shows there is no respect for the work, the company and no Fs given about the customers and there are ‘’n’’ reasons for that. I think those big supermarkets should really take a decision as to whether to continue working with them if nothing ever changes. Why would M&S tolerate a business partner who may not pay their workers living wages and treat parcels this way? It comes down to business standard which makes everyone involved look bad. If they are looking at the posts from The Times and not feel appalled there’s a big problem.

Instead of firing them, which should be a last resort always, they should get therapy, anger management sessions. IF they refuse then ‘’sign your resignation’’. With additional sessions for the Board of Directors and executives, managers who watched this going on and left them do it.

Whilst I scrolled through the thread there was a comment on alleged driver interference with vehicle monitoring systems: engineers ‘‘do high level of monitoring of drivers BUT in vehicle there seems to be higher level of failure of equipment than anywhere else! Driver interference suggested’’, isn’t that illegal? Even more than tampering with the parcels anyway!

To conclude, no company should get away with paying low wages(Hi Pretty Little Thing) – it’s one of those things that shouldn’t ever exist. It’s one of the causes I wish governments would take a stand for. Hermes just happen to be caught on video but as others pointed out in the comment section, that behavior like this happen at other courier services. Maybe toughening the laws and applying them would be the cure for this and some really big fines to finally learn what to do on the day job.


Google defines protests as ‘’a statement or action expressing disapproval of or objection to something’’ and we have seen loads of protests around the world fighting mandatory vaccinations(Germany for example). We do have the right to protest. Waves of protests spread after George Floyd died with  the knee of an officer on his neck.

Wanting to have your home insulated is fair. I remember when here in my hometown of Brasov the City Council approved a plan to insulate flat buildings and ours was included and even upgraded building windows on each floor. The insulation did what it was supposed to do, so I understood Insulate Britain in that perspective.

Then I read more about them, and how their staged protests around London and Port of Dover saw multiple roads blockaded and I thought it was an extreme measure. The governments don’t love protests of any nature or cause because it makes them look bad. But there have always been protests, I remember reading that plebeians in Roman times would often leave the city leaving patricians to fend for themselves which wouldn’t work because they didn’t want to do more than pouring their own wines(nowadays they own lots of bottle openers).

Markus Spiske for PEXELS.

Insulate Britain did more than mere protesting lack of measures from the government to insulate homes, they blocked roads in a series of civil disobedience ‘’until the government agrees to fund the insulation of all homes in Britain’’ – ‘’by 2030 to cut carbon emissions’’. ‘’Our flesh and blood are being tossed aside as expendable.”(Tracey Mallagan’s words) yet we have to think, if I were to need to get to the hospital to give birth I would have been stuck in traffic which is mind blowing, and all other emergencies that happen on a daily basis, what about those lives?

The outcome of such behavior? The government proposed a new bill called ‘Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill’’ which was already rejected by the House of Lords which then made its way back to the House of Commons. This bill wanted to give ‘’police new powers to stop protests in England and Wales if they are deemed to be too noisy and disruptive.’’ which doesn’t sound like it had balance as a factor. How much power should they have? Especially after Sarah Everard’s murder….

Citizens should keep their right to protest, but in a peaceful way which guarantees nobody gets hurt nor dies due to blocked roads, as Liberty Human Rights puts it, there are limitations to the right of protesting in certain circumstances such as ‘’pursue one or more of these aims: the interests of national security or public safety, the prevention of disorder or crime, the protection of others’ rights and freedoms.’’ which clearly weren’t considered by Insulate Britain.

I do fear that we will lose all right to assembly, protest and raise awareness to causes slowly if it becomes law.


I heard of child marriages from Emma Watson, who visited Malawi in 2016 with the United Nations, as she was serving as Un Women’s Goodwill Ambassador. Malawi, a Southeastern African country, ‘’passed the Marriage, Divorce and Family Relations Act, raising the minimum age of marriage to 18’’(UN Women). Emma did go there to meet a chief and celebrate annulled marriages and girls who have returned to school.

But what about England? We white people love to look in other parts of the world and point the finger ‘’You! You over there, end child marriages! It’s wrong!!’’ but what if this happens in your own home?! It should be an attitude of ‘’Let’s end child marriages home first then show other countries how to do it and help out’’.

Last year in November, Karen McVeigh for The Guardian wrote about The Parliament was about to vote on a bill on banning child marriage in England and Wales, as parental consent may cover physical abuses.

But the most staggering data from the article is this: ’’Between 2007 and 2017, 3,096 marriages involving children aged 16 and 17 were legally registered in England and Wales, according to the Office of National Statistics.’’(The Guardian, 2021).

Just to put things in perspective for you, it is legal for a 16 or 17 year old to marry if they have parental consent, but that sounds to me like a perfect cover for arranged marriages which reminds me of India. Some arranged marriages did work out in history, like Princess Marie Alexandra Victoria of Edinburg who became Queen Marie of Romania, who wed Ferdinand, Crown Prince of Romania, back in 1893(first she refused to marry her cousin, smart woman, important dating tip to all royals).

And another disturbing fact comes from Sky News, who gained access to call logs belonging to Karma Nirvana charity, hearing how a 7 year-old child is at risk of being forced to marry in the UK to save the family’s honor. What would happen to their childhood?, because they for sure would be forced to start their sex lives which is way to early and would traumatize them for life. At seven they should not lose their innocence to nonsense.

One can only hope UK does put an end to child marriages by rising the minimum age to at least 20 years old, so that other countries can have UK as an example.


What kind of person are you: a. The kind that has goals for the year to accomplish, b. No goals, no worries? I established three goals to attain in 2022 because I am a firm believer that goals help you stay on track of your development. Setting too many will jeaopardize them all because your mind will try to go in all directions.

What’s new? I watched the #ReturntoHogwarts reunion and I wasn’t too excited about it to begin with due to all stuff the author of the series keeps writing on Twitter, which she should be banned from anyway. Watched it and instantly loved the aethetics! The editing of it all was fabulous, just like the venue and the dancers. Then here comes the Emma/Tom narative to make all Dramione dreams come true(aka all those fanfictions about Draco and Hermione).

Inga Seliverstova/PEXELS.

I was not feeling it though, felt it was cheesy for such a big event, and there was no hug between Emma and Dan(all internet complained about it). Robbie Coltrane pulled my heartstrings with his comment on the legacy of Harry Potter, that when he won’ be here anymore, Hagrid will, (to welcome new fans to the series)…..I am saddened for Julie Walter’s absence from the reunion. I thought it was too faced paced, how cool it might have been to have the body doubles and stunt doubles of Harry, Hermione there all together with the main cast. It would have been all too awesome.

Then back to our regular programming, solar storms, climate change, influencers resumed ’’work’’, people who say we are doomed because planet Nibiru is coming and all that,….well excuse me while I pour myself some wine(I’m 32 so I can drink). I have to excuse myself from consuming all that not because it isn’t funny but because I have a dissertation to write and have to keep Richard entertained with blogs, you know, the important matters.

It was submission day today for my Ethics essay so I’m mentally tired, that’s all you get, two thoughts and a glass of water instead of wine coz it’s 9pm(which is a very ethical thing to do). Let’s have a fabulous year, where we survive semester 2, finish a dissertation and drink wine!


For a person like me who doesn’t really watch adverts because AdBlock is on all the time to protect from unwanted ads and occasional porn popping up, it’s quite something when an ad jumps onto my retinas.  

Norwegian Post had an amazing concept for this year to celebrate the nation’s decriminalization of homosexuality ahead of its 50th anniversary in 2022. Titled ‘’When Harry met Santa’’ Pink News was the funniest, who wrote that ‘’When Harry Met Santa” transforms Father Christmas into present-giving daddy of your dreams’’, and now I wonder what Tom Daley will get this Christmas.

Santa delivers gifts to a man’s house and year after year both fall in love with one another.  At first, Santa seems to be taken aback by the beauty of this stranger walking half-naked in his house, stares at him then disappears in the chimney. This man really had love at first sight for Santa because throughout the ad we see him missing him terribly, particularly at family dinners.


All until the man of his dreams catches him snoring on the sofa, where Harry fell asleep trying to catch a second to midnight. Then year after year they spend more and more time together. Santa is in a long-distance relationship! It really is so painful for Harry to hear ‘’I’ll be back next year!’’ so much he cries. Love is so well portrayed that it has to win all possible awards for the concept and acting that feels so warm!

Harry then gets beautiful and dressed elegantly, waiting for his man to show up, instead Santa got one of his elves to deliver the gift at the front door, while he sneaks in the house because he wanted to surprise Harry who stayed up for his arrival year after year. A surprise it is! He could not believe his own eyes! We got to witness Santa kissing his Mr. Claus! Harry got what he wanted for Christmas, I do hope they get married and live happily ever after. Santa had to end the long-distance thing!

‘’In 2022, Norway marks 50 years of being able to love whoever we want’’.

You have to see the Youtube comments: ‘’Psycho Paul’’ wrote ‘’ And that’s how elves are made.’’ And there’s more if you scroll.



I am very passionate about the fashion topic, but only because we can’t go out naked(difficult in the UK weather now with Arwen and Barra swirling around, but being cold all the time), even 100,000 years ago we had furs and skins on(Peta was not around yet).

I understand how one can look down on terms like ‘’sustainable clothing, ‘’sustainably made’’ but there are multiple benefits to being more careful what and where you buy your clothing. Your clothing is how you expressing yourself to the world who you are. Because I’m organic I’d want my clothes to be organic too, but companies around the world aren’t as fast to make more changes to their supply chains, to change fabrics with more sustainable ones. It’s all about money. It’s harder and more complicated to make changes to production when you’ve been running a certain way for 10 years, and another when you are a start-up with access to information.

Researching where you buy is increasingly necessary because companies have a lot to hide behind labels. Often, seeing where it was made gives a clear insight of their wages, whether they are exploited or not as much as the selling price. The toxic side of fashion is exposed as a Canadian Marketplace investigation discovered ‘’that a jacket for toddlers, purchased from Chinese retailer Shein, contained almost 20 times the amount of lead that Health Canada says is safe for children.’’(CBC, 2021), obviously not good enough for any child to wear.

Shein messaged Marketplace that the items were removed from their app, but if two items are contaminated, that means there is a lot more, not just at Shein, but others who were tested by the Canadian scientists: Zaful, AliExpress. I wonder how this sits with the influencers who promote Shein and Zaful on Youtube and Instagram, who have children of their own because ‘’Lead can cause damaging health effects to the brain, heart, kidneys and reproductive system’’ with children’s health being at risk more than the adults. If you wonder how the lead got there, one explanation it is ‘’used in textile dye pigments, but there are safer alternatives that can achieve the same results.’’(Joel Mertens).


Another potential health damaging trend among women is buying and wearing transparent handbags, but one such transparent tote from Zaful was found to contain levels of phthalates that worried experts, whilst PFAS or ‘forever chemicals’ were found in raincoats, used to make clothes waterproof and stain resistant. These chemicals are known by scientists to be endocrine disruptors and do not break down in the environment nor the body hence the name.

A new requirements for brands selling in California is Proposition 65, which is ‘’officially known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986’’ which ‘’requires the state to maintain and update a list of chemicals known to the state to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity.’’(OEHHA, n.d.). UK’s PrettyLittleThing went viral in 2019 after posting a warning that some of their clothing contain chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm(Capital FM, 2019) and they assured their customers they have nothing to worry about. Yes, I’m not worried at all, because I don’t shop from you!

A solution is to wear existing clothes more as per EcoAge’s advice(#30wears), shopping less, and if you do shop, try shopping in a more eco-conscious way: platforms like Immaculate Vegan offer a variety of brands with clothes, accessories, shoes for both men and women at great prices. Would shoppers consider changing their buying habits? Looking at the success of fast fashion, not too soon.


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